A Night in al-Andalus


*First Course of Dishes*


   - Hummus

   - Eggplant Cheese Mahshi (Eggplant Terrine)

   - Bread

   - Brined Olives


*Second Course of Dishes*


   - Salad of Greens with Vinegar Dressing

   - A Dish of Chicken Praised in Springtime

   - Rice


*Third Course of Dishes*


   - Beef Roast Cooked in Tagine

   - Sourdough Flatbread

   - A Dish of Squash


*Fourth Course of Dishes*


   - Mujabbana of Ru’qua (Cheese Pie of Flat Bread)

   - Dried Fruits Stuffed with Almond Sugar Paste


A list of ingredients will be available before the feast. Menu is subject to change based on ingredient availability.


*Please note that this is a dry site due to the contract with the venue.*